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Informations about the new online administration interface – eHivatal

Handout for issuing the flight crew licence and execution of skill test, proficiency check and assessment of competence required for the initial issue, revalidation and renewal of relatad ratings. We draw your attention that the online administration interface - eHivatal – has been started on 30.11.2015. Registration is mandatory to access eHivatal. If you do not have any licences issued by Hungarian CAA, please turn to your ATO for pre-registration. For effective administration, please register! Theoretical examination booking and announcement of examination is available only via eHivatal.The information bulletin is intended to demonstrate the process and methods of the issuance, revalidation and renewal of flight crew licenses and associated ratings.

Tájékoztató a hajózó személyzet szakszolgálati engedélyeinek, jogosításainak kiadásához, convertáláshoz, érvényesítéshez szükséges elméleti vizsgák végrehajtásáról / Handout for theoretical knowledge examination required for initial issue of flight crew licence, rating, conversion or validation
Handout for issuing the flight crew licence and execution of skill test, proficiency check and assessment of competence required for the initial issue, revalidation and renewal of relatad ratings

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On behalf of the Aviation Authority we welcome you on our homepage, where you can choose among the important and useful pieces of information as well as the fresh news of the Authority, which are necessary for your work or hobby.

Addressing you this way is not a coincidence, because the new Authority - that has been renewed in 2012

 with regard to structure and policy - looks upon the inquiring fellow-professionals not only as clients but also as friends, whom the love of aviation unites. Pilots and ground handling agents constitute a fairly closed world out of the professional point of view, and "speaking one language" with the colleagues of the Authority we have reason to hope that we will understand each other easily.

We do not want to tell anyone that it would be always easy to clearly understand the puzzles of the legal regulation of aviation, but with our new customer service and homepage we would like to be of assistance to you in this, and we are ready to help all our clients in their concerns in connection with aviation.
Our new policy is based on three pillars: legal compliance, national interest, rationality. We would like to add to these basic values transparency and simplicity, always keeping in mind the strengthening of the good name of the authority.
Our professional aim is to reach full compliance with the requirements of the international organizations- first of all the European Aviation Safety Agency, EASA and the International Civil Aviation Organization, ICAO - and to fulfill our tasks according to the laws and regulations.

We believe that if we can fill these principles mentioned above with real meaning - and we have no doubt begun our journey towards this goal - than we can establish a real harmonic and mutually beneficial relationship between the Authority and its clients within our competencies. Naturally the Aviation Authority acting as an authority has to take professional decisions for the safety of aviation, that have to be executed or enforced without questions, these can not be subject to individual judgments. We are of the opinion that in this friendship, or at least certainly close acquaintanceship we will understand each other easily, and this can not stand in the way of a good relationship. We wish to provide assistance to everyone with the constantly renewed contents of our homepage, for this reason we advice all our clients and friends to follow our website regularly.

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