Department for Railways (Roads, Railways and Shipping Authority)

Department for Railways (Roads, Railways and Shipping Authority)


The mission of the department is to ensure through its administrative activities the fulfilment of requirements set up by the transport policy of the EU and Hungary. It aims to contribute to the improvement of efficiency and traffic safety of the transport infrastructure; to the smooth and effective operation of the railway transport market as well as to the protection of market players' interests by strategic planning, methodology, and finding and disseminating innovative solutions.

Scope and competency

Technical supervision of railways at first instance level is performed by the Department for Railways of the Roads, Railways and Shipping Authority. It administrates all over the country the licensing of railway track networks of national, regional, suburban and local relevance and private railway tracks connected to them, as well as track components, related equipment, rolling stock, funiculars (not for use in mining) and cable cars; and medical fitness of railway workers.

It makes proposals on introduction and amendment of regulations, rules and technical specifications, takes part in their elaboration, determines strategies, guidelines and requirements relating to the curriculum and further professional requirements for education and training courses of the railway personnel; approves internal Instructions of railway companies on education and training of railway technical personnel and on activities related to the safety of railway traffic, supervises and controls training and testing of locomotive drivers and of the personnel engaged in professions related to safety of railway transport.


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Unit for Railway Regulation (Central Office)

The independent railway regulatory body (Hungarian Rail Office) was set up in 2006. In 2008, the tasks and responsibilities of the regulatory body were transfered to the National Transport Authority. Regulatory and safety issues are handled in one organization but independently from each other. The regulation of the railway market is the duty of the Unit for Railway Regulation where the legislative basis is given by the Governmental Decree No. 263/2006 and the Act on Railway Transport No. CLXXXIII/2005.

I.    Main tasks and responsibilities of the Regulatory Body   

1.    Licensing
We issue licenses that are valid in the European Economic Area, and licences for regional suburban and local activities. Operators of ski-lifts, feeder lines and narrow gauge railways transporting passengers shall notify us of their activities.

2.    Market monitoring
In our market monitoring activity we permanently check whether infrastructure managers, railway undertakings, and the capacity allocation body comply with the railway legislation in force. The aim is to discover the non-compliant operations.
Within the market monitoring, we also collect data on the railway market and analyze market developments. We participate in the EU-wide data collection of the Rail Market Monitoring Scheme and in the market montoring activity of Independent Regulators' Group – Rail (IRG-Rail). Our quarterly market reports are available on our website.

3.    Market supervision
Our market supervision tasks consist of the enforcement of compliant market behaviour of infrastructure managers, railway undertakings and the capacity allocation body. The supervision of non-discriminatory access, the content of the Network Statements and track access contracts and the checking of the charge setting, in particular regarding the costs of the infrastructure managers are in the focus of our market supervision activity.

4.    Enforcement of rail passengers' rights
Our activity in the field of enforcement of passengers' rights is to check the compliance with Regulation 1371/2007/EC, national legislation and the General Terms and Conditions of Carriage of the railway undertakings. We are also responsible for the investigation of complaints lodged by rail passengers. Complaints can be submitted if the complainant is not satisfied with the decision of the railway undertaking.

II.    Other activities of the Regulatory Body 

- Railway undertakings shall submit their General Terms and Conditions of Carrige for approval.

- We shall (together with the capacity allocation body) evaluate the performance regime on an annual basis.

- We shall assess whether the principal purpose of a proposed is international passenger transport and whether the economic equilibrium is compromised if the operator of the new service carries out cabotage as well.

- We co-operate with the competition authority in accordance with the Act on Railway Transport No. CLXXXIII/2005 and with other Regulatory Bodies participating in the working groups of the European Commission and those of IRG-Rail.


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