Department for Roads and Bridges ( Roads, Railways and Shipping Authority)

Department for Roads and Bridges ( Roads, Railways and Shipping Authority)

General Information on Activities concerning Roads

The aim of the authorities for roads is to ensure the fulfilment of the transport policy objectives of the EU and Hungary.

Constructing, modernizing, abolishing, and opening to traffic of roads can only be carried out with the approval of the authorities. This regulation is binding, besides national and local public roads, for private roads opened for public transport.

Based on its authorizing activities and methodological initiatives by giving and disseminating of innovative solutions, the branch contributes to the improvement of the efficiency and the safety level of the road infrastructure.

Special licenses, among others, for the construction and abolition of roads are issued by the authorities and it conducts proceedings - initiated on road operators' request - concerning usage of roads for not transport purposes. The transport authorities examine and may modify the conditions prescribed by the road operators on appeals of other clients.

Proceedings fee has to be paid when submitting an application. Documentation for application has to be carried out by a registered designer with appropriate entitlements.

Application for permits and licenses are to be submitted to the unit of transport authority owing territorial competence.


Activities of Roads, Railways and Shipping Authority of National Transport Authority

In the whole country the Department for Roads and Bridges of the Roads, Railways and Shipping Authority has the competency for issues related to the following road infrastructures and affairs

  • highway network;

  • motorway bridges, tunnels, public and local road bridges over 30 meters sum-span;
  • state border crossings on the roads;

  • licensing the establishment, relocation, abolishment of grade crossings on normal-gage national public railway (with the exception of temporarily established grade crossings);

  • training of road safety auditors; and

  • designation, notification of technical assessment bodies, notified bodies related to conditions for the marketing of roads construction products.

Other Road Infrastructure Authorities

In addition of the above mentioned road infrastructures and issues the road infrastructure authorities owing territorial competence are:

  • Budapest Capital and County Government Offices;
  • District Offices of County Government Offices;
  • V. District Office of Budapest Capital Government Office.


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