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National AD-s

2016. April 18.

National Aircraft Register

2016. April 18.

Approved Maint. Orgs.

2016. April 18.

UAS Konferencia

2014. October 31.

Press Room

2014. September 02.
The Communication Unit of the National Transport Authority can be contacted by media representatives and other interested parties with enquires related to the activities of the Authority by e-mail to An official response coordinated with the competent persons will be sent in due course. In case of topics that might be of interest to the public, the Communication Unit gives information by issuing press releases and organising press conferences, it also participates in preparati...

Type-Approval Authorities Meeting

2014. September 01.
The European type-approval authorities hold regular meetings, in general twice a year, at each occasion one of the member is the host and organizer of the meeting by providing a venue. The aim of the meeting is to have a common approach relating to the procedural and technical issues arising during the application of the EU legislation. The meeting has a special importance due to helping the exchange of experience and building personal contacts, thus the quicker flow of information. 

International Maritime Organization (IMO)

2014. August 29.
The International Maritime Organization is one of the United Nations specialized agencies. It is responsible for the safety and security of shipping and the prevention of marine pollution by ships. The organisation is based in London.  In 1948 an international conference in Geneva adopted a convention formally establishing IMO which entered into force in 1958 and the new organization had its meeting for the first time the following year.  Its original name was the Inter-...

National Transport Authority

2014. August 29.
The National Transport Authority (NTA) is budgetary institution operated and managed independently under the direction of the minister responsible for transport. It was established in 2007 by the minister responsible for transport as the successor to the General Inspectorate of Transport, the Central Transport Inspectorate, the county (capital) transport inspectorates as well as to the Civil Aviation Authority. Later on, the State Aviation Authority and the Hungarian Railway Office have also bee...

Department for Roads and Bridges ( Roads, Railways and Shipping Authority)

2014. August 29.
General Information on Activities concerning Roads The aim of the authorities for roads is to ensure the fulfilment of the transport policy objectives of the EU and Hungary. Constructing, modernizing, abolishing, and opening to traffic of roads can only be carried out with the approval of the authorities. This regulation is binding, besides national and local public roads, for private roads opened for public transport. Based on its authorizing activities and methodological initiatives by giving ...

Department for Railways (Roads, Railways and Shipping Authority)

2014. August 29.
Mission The mission of the department is to ensure through its administrative activities the fulfilment of requirements set up by the transport policy of the EU and Hungary. It aims to contribute to the improvement of efficiency and traffic safety of the transport infrastructure; to the smooth and effective operation of the railway transport market as well as to the protection of market players' interests by strategic planning, methodology, and finding and disseminating innovative solutions. Sco...

Aviation Authority

2014. August 29.
Informations about the new online administration interface – eHivatal Handout for issuing the flight crew licence and execution of skill test, proficiency check and assessment of competence required for the initial issue, revalidation and renewal of relatad ratings. We draw your attention that the online administration interface - eHivatal – has been started on 30.11.2015. Registration is mandatory to access eHivatal. If you do not have any licences issued by Hungarian CAA, please turn to your A...

Shipping Authority

2014. August 29.
The first instance shipping authorities of Hungary acts with national competence for water transport administrative affairs. The task of the shipping authorities in general is to ensure with administrative means the safety, the lawful and professional participation in water transport of persons, assets, facilities, organization and companies acting there as well as water areas serving for water transport (tracks), briefly the establishment and maintaining the safety guarantees of shipping. Main...

Road Transport Authority

2014. August 29.
Contact us Department for Road Vehicles Address H-1066, Budapest, Teréz krt. 62 Email Telephone +36 1 477 1571 OPENING HOURS Monday- Thursday:  9:00-14:00  |   Friday:  9:00-11:00 Department for Road Vehicles Department for Vehicle Technical Inspection, Operation and Control Department for Psychological Testing of Drivers Department for Training and Testing