Shipping Authority

Shipping Authority

The first instance shipping authorities of Hungary acts with national competence for water transport administrative affairs.

The task of the shipping authorities in general is to ensure with administrative means the safety, the lawful and professional participation in water transport of  persons, assets, facilities, organization and companies acting there as well as water areas serving for water transport (tracks), briefly the establishment and maintaining the safety guarantees of shipping.

Main tasks of shipping authorities

  • issuing Notice to Skippers and Notice to Mariners,
  • representing the interest of the Hungarian Shipping Authority in national and international organizations and bodies,
  • inspecting the navigation activities performed by floating establishments (vessels, floating equipment, crafts, etc.) and their suitability for navigation, as well as the safety, living and work conditions of floating establishments and vessels,
  • authorizing works related to waterways,
  • authorizing loading and reloading cargo as well as the embarkation and disembarkation of passengers along a waterway outside any port,
  • regulating navigation temporarily,
  • responsible for taking the necessary measures related to vessel sank grounded, stuck or drowned in a waterway in order to keep the safety of navigation, 
  • authorizing diving along a waterway,
  • keeping the registry of vessels, issuing their international signs and official identification numbers,
  • issuing type approval of floating establishments vessels as well as equipment and accessories thereof,
  • issuing review and approval of the construction (reconstruction) plans of vessels,
  • surveying and certifying the construction and the good working order of waterborne assets according to national and international legislation (EU Directive 87/2006),
  • supervising containers, approving their manufacturing and repair plants and test equipment,
  • issuing and authentication of logbook, muster list, machinery, oil record and logbook of vessels,
  • calculating and certifying the tonnage, measurements and cubage of vessels,
  • issuing certificates for vessels transporting dangerous goods,
  • licensing navigation activities, operation of pleasure crafts and boats powered or propelled by internal combustion engines in designated areas under restrictions (for example: Lake Balaton) , cabotage as well as traffic under a third-country flag,
  • authorizing special transportation or formation of vessels,
  • authorizing the use of supplementary sign of vessels,
  • issuing certificates relating to participation in navigation along the River Rhine,
  • controlling the activities of designated organisations, testing, inspecting and certifying the compliance of vessels,
  • organizing the shipping certification exams,
  • issuing certificates of crew members and masters of maritime and inland waterway vessels,
  • keeping the registry of the issued shipping qualifications,
  • issuing and keeping the registry of service record books (Seamen's Book and Boatman's Book),
  • approving and supervising the training courses for acquiring shipping qualifications,
  • issuing and registering the Shipping Activity Licence,
  • responsible for the operation of River Information Services (RIS),
  • controlling the RIS operator.

Pleasure craft and PWC (jet ski)

Boat, Craft or PWC (Personal Watercraft or jet ski) of which power of the engine exceeds 7,4 kW or the surface of the sail exceeds 10 m2 is obliged to keep in boat registry in Hungary. These assets shall have on board International card for pleasure craft or Warrant for PWC.


Contact to the shipping authorities of Hungary:

Ministry of National Development, Department for Shipping Authority

Address: H-1066 Budapest, Teréz krt. 62.    Postal address: H-1441 Budapest, Pf. 88

Telephone: + 36 1 8159 646     Fax: + 36 1 8159 659      Email:


Government Office of the Capital City Budapest, Department of Transport

Address: H-1066 Budapest, Teréz krt. 62.    Postal address: H-1387 Budapest 62, Pf. 1007

Telephone: + 36 1 4741 751     Fax: + 36 1 3111 412      Email:


Monday: 12.30-15.30  |  Wednesday: 08.30-12.00, 12.30-15.30  |  Friday: 08.30-12.00

Shipping Survey and Registering Unit

Telephone: + 36 1 4741 795     Fax: + 36 1 3111 412      Email:

Ports Unit

Telephone: +36 1 4741 764      Fax: + 36 1 3111 412      Email:

Shipping Licensing and Controlling Unit

Telephone: + 36 1 474 1752     Fax: + 36 1 311 1412      Email: